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About Us

M&P is a digital company builder. We invent web applications and turn them into successful businesses. In the past, we have developed a native app for Families to manage their calendar: SHUBiDU. We have helped a Uber-App for Ski Rentals: HYLL. We have developed a conference management system that publishes photos 5 minutes after they have been taken, using WiFi-enabled photo cameras to a web application: Evenito.

M&P was founded in 2010 and has been growing organically ever since. Currently, we’re a total of 45 People in Minsk, Zurich, Wroclaw and Kaliningrad.

Team activities

Team Event Kaliningrad 2021

Team Event Kaliningrad 2021

Team Events Minsk 2021

Team Events Minsk 2021

Summer Camp Prague 2019

Summer Camp Prague 2019

Summer Camp Vienna 2018

Summer Camp Vienna 2018

Team Event Minsk 2018

Team Event Minsk 2018

Summer Camp Davos 2017

Summer Camp Davos 2017

Summer Camp Lissabon 2016

Summer Camp Lissabon 2016

Summer Camp Milan 2015

Summer Camp Milan 2015

Summer Camp Barcelona 2014

Summer Camp Barcelona 2014

Summer Camp Zürich 2013

Summer Camp Zürich 2013


Markus Popp

CEO, MSc ETH, Management & entrepreneurial experience. Development of new online business models, Development of digital strategies including process optimization with web technologies, Visionary, private pilote, snowboarder, hiker, runner.

Silvan Mühlemann

CTO of Mühlemann&Popp, MSc ETH. Python/JavaScript/-Guru. Certified Scrum Master. Married and father of two children, Internet of Things addict. Marathon-Swimmer. mü

Gregor Hirner

COO, MSc ETH, EMBA UniSG, General- and Project Management. Planning and execution of complex software development projects. Married and father of two children. Chasing the flow on soil, snow and water.





Deescus allows you to easily collaborate with others whether you are jotting down stuff to discuss with someone on-the-go or taking part in a formal meeting. You can easily create group or 1-on-1 conversations, setup meetings, think about topics to discuss and create followup tasks in just a few clicks.
We created Deescus first for internal use and perfected it slowly to satisfy anyone outside our organisation too.
This is the first project where we worked with Flutter, which was definitely an interesting challenge.



As a digital pioneer, Sobrado has been digitizing the Swiss insurance industry since 2011. Focused on the collaboration between insurance brokers and providers, Sobrado’s innovative software is leading the path to faster, safer and effective business processes. The transaction platform serves as an important and secure communication channel, enabling an easy exchange of offers, policies and mandates. Moreover, Sobrado offers the largest database for insurance documents in Switzerland, making it the leading information source for the insurance industry. Sobrado has evolved from a small dynamic start-up into an established company, with the Sobrado team growing each year and having a strong back bone of big broker and insurer shareholder. 



Realmatch shows their clients the demand for Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Switzerland. They help Project Developers, Investors, Manager & Brokers, Evaluators & Consultants to understand customer needs, anticipate market changes and make better decisions with an array of products: e.g. the demand analysis and comparison tool lets them see the exact demand for real estate on a community level and compare to other communities. Or the project check, which provides an evaluation on specific projects in terms of its scale and its correspondence to the market.

M&P was involved from the very start 7 years ago, and is now in the progress of implementing a complete remake of the product data structure as well as the Frontend and Website, including new products.

Team Mates to talk to

Anna Szczepanska

Psychologist, HR Manager, coach and business partner.
All these roles and 15 years of professional experience allow me to combine the perspective of the business world with the world of people’s needs. I have built my experience working in different environments, both in large corporations and smaller IT companies. At my job every day I can find talents among people and then work with them on their development. Privately, I am a mother of two kids and in my free time I play tennis, run and travel.

Jakub Michalski

Branch Manager of Poland, Product Owner, Project Manager and Scrum Master evolved from Software Engineer (for which still have some love). Married and father of two children, sometimes able to find a time for sport of practical shooting and running.

Daria Pavlovskaya

Head of HR and Admin in the Minsk office, Senior Recruiter.

Hiring best  talents, taking care of the Minsk office atmosphere and team’s wellbeing.  Amateur kickboxer and a fan of kayaking. Loves exploring new countries and meeting new people.

Eldiiar Ergemberdiev

Technical lead. MS in Computes Science. Python enthusiast.
History fan and snowboard rider.

Denis Tamkovich

Python Developer.
Implementing and integrating cool solutions, taking care of the junior developers. Loves football and Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Nina Viter

Junior Frontend Developer

Anton Fomin

Full Stack Developer


Do you want to work with modern technologies? Then M&P is the right place.

Working with state-of-the art tools, programming languages, and frameworks allows us to build better products in less time. And it is more motivating for you as an engineer.
Is there a technology missing in our Tech Stack yet? Then the CTO or Tech Lead will be happy to have it evaluated by you.

Career Chances and The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

1 Submit your CV

Let us know you’re interested. Share a summary of your experience and the type of work you enjoy doing. You can apply to us via the form or by sending an email to:


2 We analyse your submission

We review each candidate’s CV and related LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. If we think you’re a good fit for us, we’ll invite you for an initial interview to get to know you better, tell you more about the offer and answer any questions you may have.


3 Technical interview

You will have the opportunity to meet some of our technical specialists. We will be able to better understand what your experience is like and answer questions related to the work you will be doing.


4 Company culture fit with CEO & Co – founder

Company atmosphere, alignment with our values and teamwork are very important to us, so the final stage of the recruitment process will be a meeting with CEO and co-founder Markus Popp. He will answer any questions about our company and check the fit with the company.


5 Feedback

We’ll let you know how you did in the interview even if we don’t extend an offer.


6 Offer

If we decide to work together, we’ll discuss the details of a contract. Once we’ve agreed, we’ll start the onboarding process so you get a smooth start.


The Ideal Candidate

An ideal M&P team member is a proactive professional who is passionate about implementing best practices into the company’s processes. They love to learn new things and help colleagues. They are open minded, supportive and friendly.


Open Positions

Personal Development


The guilds are cross-project, function-centered groups that meet regularly to share knowledge in presentations focusing on a specific which differs all the time.

Frontend Guild

The Frontend Guild exchanges knowledge about technologies to provide the snappiest interface, the prettiest UI, the most user-friendly controls. Recent presentations talked about “How TypeScript makes development easier” , “Rendering PDFs with headless Chrome” or “How to choose the perfect frontend framework”.

Backend Guild

What tools, libraries, and technologies to use in the backend is the domain of the Backend Guild . In the guild meetings, the members shared knowledge about Starlette, Dramatiq, and Kubernetes.


We have setup English lessons at the Minsk office, happening online during pandemic, which happened 2x per week. 100% of the costs for classes are covered by the company.

We also compensate the price of professional courses, trainings and conferences. Depending on how important the course is for your personal development in the company this is compensated either fully or partially.


If you are thinking about relocating to Poland, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you with all of the formalities. We have a successful track record of helping colleagues moving from Belarus to Wroclaw thanks to the Poland Business Harbour programme, and we are open to citizens from anywhere in the world.


  • Competitive salary
  • Refund on sports activities to up to $50 per month
  • English lessons at the office 2x per week
  • Medical insurance including chronic diseases
  • Yearly Summer Camp team event in Switzerland or other countries
  • Offices in the city centres of Minsk, Wroclaw and Zürich
  • 27″ screens
  • Flexible home office policy
  • Option to work off-site for several weeks per year
  • Budget for parking space or public transportation
  • Budget to visit trainings and conferences
  • Budget to visit English classes
  • Relocation to Wroclaw is possible